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Godiva Consulting Inc specializes in construction and engineering consulting, providing a wide variety of financial and management services to clients in North Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. Our professionals are experts in mortgage/financial monitoring, construction management and construction cost planning. With our assistance, your company will find the stages and sections of development which can be made more efficient, reducing your costs while improving your performance and quality. We provide cost estimates, budget reviews, project scheduling, deficiency evaluations, quantity surveying and numerous other services to make this possible.

Graham Smith - PQS is the President of Godiva Consulting Inc, and he is an extensively educated and motivated Professional Quantity Surveyor. Mr. Smith is a member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, and possesses more than 20 years of experience working on a wide variety of projects, with values as high as $80 million. His practical, effective leadership and experience are what made Godiva Consulting Inc a progressive, rapidly growing firm.


North Vancouver Engineering Consulting | Construction Cost Planning | Quantity Surveying North Vancouver

What makes us Proud

We Employ Energetic and Highly Qualified Personnel.

We Have Over 20 Years of Extensive Practical Experience.

We are Progressive-Minded.

We Have Been in Business Since 2003.

We Have Successfully Completed Over 1000 Construction Projects.

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Our Services

Cost Planning and Management


Godiva Consulting Inc can provide your company with comprehensive cost planning and project management options, offering you a variety of options for streamlining your production. We perform cost estimates, value…

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Construction Loan Monitoring and Payment Certification


If your company is looking to negotiate a loan for new construction, Godiva Consulting Inc can provide you with the evaluation, advice and oversight to streamline the process. We can…

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Claim Negotiation


Godiva Consulting Inc provides invaluable assistance for claims negotiation, offering evaluation and strategies for tackling the issue. Exchanges with insurance companies are a highly complex and tedious manner, but with…

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Condominium Deficiency Reports


Godiva Consulting Inc can provide condominium deficiency reports for your business, alerting you to construction elements that could render you liable in the future. To avoid this potential problem, we…

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